Thursday, 26 April 2012

Geraldine Georges Analysis.

A young Belgian illustrator/graphic designer who uses a blend of illustration and photography in her work. I decided to look at her as I have an interest in portrait photography and her use of lines and swirls of surreal and odd things such as branches, extra limbs of different sizes ect. were unrealistic and more of a dream reality, it reminded me of a bizarre experience someone could have in a dream or that of their imagination.
This particular work here fits in with her work often being abstract of the female form, captures the eye and imagination. Influences of fashion and couture flow throught her wonderful pieces, this obviously shows that her background has had an influence on the work that she produces, it shows a form of her personal taste towards it. Various works of hers have been produced for different reasons, other than her personal works she has designed more graphic work such as the 'cafe des halles saint-gery' promotion poster, Schweppes drinks illustrations on their packaging, even the Loreal companies main title font establishing herself as a recognised illustrator with a unique style towards things. This piece imparticular is a personal piece by her, the aim reflecting her choice of the female features and it gives a trapped impression that the female is being held back, the woman looks trapped by a tree which is imaginative in a dreams sense, their is inspiration maybe from personal experiences, it could reflect  something that could have happened to her. The work was made in 2006-2012, by instantly looking at it I can tell this because it has clearly used technology for the photograph, programme such as photoshop for the editing perhaps  airbrushing the face and adding bolder colour and shapes around peoples features. The lines have perhaps been constructed with a personalised brush too, it is very graphically computerised rather than tone focused and detailed in a realistic and 3D sense. Although shadows have been created from the shape on the face underneath. It links quite well with fashion in a sense of woman being shown in a delicate and attractive way although the aims are completely different and not like those of the fashion/model industry of photography.

Advanced editing is a skill that would be needed, also the actually photography and equipment, the work involves mixed media, and has taken stages to produce. I think that she has chosen to work with such materials because they link well with her fashion inspired ideas because of the females, they also show different skills and make a more modern magazine like effect rather than something arty in a sense of painting and is sophisticated rather than random and messy. It could very easily work as an advert on a billboard and would stand out in a positive way in the media because of its bold and individual graphic work. The meaning could interpret woman being weaker and controlled stereotypically, it could be quite powerful, the tape across the eye could represent an attack or an idea of a man being involved/taking advantage, being trapped or tied down. The picture at the end is quite different in this sense, it hides the females identity, she is turned away as if she doesn't want to be recognised, ashamed perhaps on the way the other 2 photos could have effected her. The composition is clearly designed, 3 different works (triptych) together for one composition,  they could tell different stories or fit in together, it shows punk people, and warped sorts with a woman and the trees. The image looks more effective black and white, more bold, although the skin toned cheek on the third shows a relation to real people rather than just the lines, different stages of the abstraction in her work. 

I'd associate it with portraiture photography, obviously with a twist of her own, it can fit into different genres, such as film advertisements, female products ect. Her website has this particular work on show in her personal folder supporting it being her own interpretation and websites advertising her work have said similar things on her works aim and what she tries to symbolise, female abstraction, other work such as below, fits into the theme of woman being wrapped in nature, so I get the impression that each of her works (mainly triptychs) are classed together because of the similar theme. The work is also untitled which leaves it more open to interpretation.
Personally it doesn't remind me of anything, my first reaction is that it looks very odd and different to anything I've seen before, I can't see a narrative in the photographs, they all look like completely different stories even if they have the same theme, each one has a different setting, the first being outside, perhaps the tree image has been overlayed with the womans face and the houses in the corner show that it could be a normal neighbourhood, the one in the middle is more associated with young people, perhaps music because of the punk style, also the last one is probably more fashion modelling linked, all 3 have the bold black shapes involved concealing any sort of recognition. I like the piece because it is different and I can't work it out, they have a flawless and perfected look about them.

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