Thursday, 26 April 2012

Imperial War Museum Trip.

Taking a trip here, experience for myself is shown also looking at the experiences of other people, meeting people when I go on the trip and I decided to record my findings along the way with my SLR film camera and also my digital. below are the SLR prints that I took.
Inside the museum, war planes, lower light and longer timings of exposure to bring out contrast.
Another plane.
Plane and people encountering.
Over exposed print, followed the results with my test strip but the darker part of the photograph clearly needs dodging.
Showed the best result was between 2 and 3 seconds.
Class drawing, shows encoutering and experience.
Inside the gates of the museum, spectators and school childen on their way in.
People entering the museum.
We took a visit to the Tate Modern Gallery after the museum, I saw some strange things like above...
Perhaps flash was needed for this photograph, but it shows the turbine hall in the gallery, looking spooky, people walking.
Eclalators, people meeting.
Cuple encoutering/experiencing.
Exploring Burlington arcade afterwards, entrance. Slightly wonking composition.
Better composition.
People inside the arcade.
Tower outside the Gallery.
Trees, I liked the focusing, people in the background being blurry too.
I liked the way they were walking it and the trees make the composition work better.
Portrait of trees, good contrast.
Passing the David Hockney exhibition, colour film SLR photographs, people encountering.
Shows the place/experience.
Shows people in background.
Ornaments by Burlington Arcade, I liked their death like appearance and the value.
With flash on.
Slightly over exposed, timings a lot longer than anything else on the film for the faint negative to come out yet it still quite dark, also slightly blurry. On the way home looking at Cane Hill, abandoned mental hospital near college.
Again, shows the ruins. Maybe more contrast needed.
Slightly blurred but creates a mysterious feel to it.
Winding road near the hospital.
Friends walking near the hospital, eery blurry effect.
Under exposed negative, not a large enough aperture, friends running.
Hospital sign.
Here are my contact sheets of the negatives I developed from this days film.

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