Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Scenary Photograms, Reversals Showing Day And Night.

I wanted to look at light as an art approach too and noticed Vincent Van Gogh's way of presenting it with oil paints. This painting 'THE CAFE TERRACE ON THE PLACE DU FORUM AT NIGHT' 1888, shows an evening in France, it shows the light from the building on the right because of the difference in those warm beige tones compared to the blue presenting the darkness of the night time, stars are also captured by exaggerated splodges of white. So artificial light and natural light are shown in van Gogh's painting here.

Here is the same scene but this time drawn in indian inks, I can tell it is night time still because of the dark line strokes Van Gogh has used to present the lack of light in the sky, the thinner more spread out strokes suggest more light, for example the ground, and even the buildings on the right because no lines have been marked into their actual space, so this matches the painting in terms of this being the part of the picture that light hits. From the lamp sketched I can guess light is reflected from the cobbles on the floor, but not as much as the bulding.
This inspired me to sketch the outside of my back garden ann house in the evening. To produce a more solid affect on the light and dark parts of this I created a photogram by drawing the scene on acetate with a permanent marker and producing this version showing night time, and a reversal that focused more on day time.
 Above is the reversal.
Here is my first attempt of the reversal that was over exposed because the light was on too high, presents another way of showing the 'evening'.
Here is the night time one which was the original photogram made from the drawing on acetate.

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