Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Christmas Photographs.

An advantage of the topic light is that around Christmas time there will obviously be a lot more lights around for decoration, a lot of these photographs I took on my digital camera are close ups of them individually.
These ones below I took of a glass snowman decoration, I hung it up on the wall and experimented with light shining through it at different angles. Originally taken in colour (shown first) and below each of them are the photographs converted to black and white which I prefer for still life-like photographs, I also adjusted the contrast so the brighter parts look brighter and a sense that the objects are floating is created by the endless black background.
Above are all the black and white images below before I used photoshop to edit them.
Light taken off snowman and focused on white glass, taken from low angle. A favourite for its sense of floating and it seems like it should be massive although tiny when edited.
Aiming the light brom below, relecting up to the glass.
Side from below, flash light beam captured.
Light captured everywhere on object with front-on angled shot.
Light and dark differing from the light flashing onto the whole object.
From directly below, torch light.
A less bright torch light used for this, front lighting.
Light directly in the picture beaming onto object.
Use of backlighting.

Full view of lights in town centre, black and white brings out the contrast better and it looks rather old.

Less pixelated than the first shot because I focused it better this time.
Taken using close up mode with flash the lights on the tree. These photographs looked bette rin colour because of their bright lights colours, they were too grey in black and white because of the simular depths in the colours even though they are visually different.
Focused on the smallest ball ball, effect looked blurry, probably wrong mode on the camera (not close-up).
Focus on the background for a deeper depth of field, I don't like this photograph because the ball ball should have been the clear focused part.
Close up of all 3 from another angle, close up focused.
Slightly more distanced shot, successful effect.
Focus point maybe out of centre a bit, lights still look effective though.
Flash on turned the green tree silver/frosty somehow, but removed colour from the lights.
Simular angle to one of the coloured shots, showing the frosty effect instead.
Blur of reflection was how it looked although I don't know if I like it or not because it looks accidental, although light created from reflection can be seen.
My favourite simply because of the perfect focus and photo composition for a close up.

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