Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Patrick Rochon Analysis 'Supernovae'.

'Supernovae', this again is part of a series of photographs where although a team of 12 were involved with the whole production (videoing, making of, model, Rochon and assistants), Rochon as expected was in complete control over the lights. The photos were produced for a fashion shoot, named a collaborative multimedia shoot. The shoot was also created as a video of the lights moving on the subject (the model). It links well with society because of it clearly presents modern technology working well with modern fashion which is what a young audience of females are going to be buying, the lights and technology add to the value of the photographs, perhaps helping with the fashion industry in advertising/persuading customers. the shoot originally started as a test shoot between Rochon and make-up artist Natalie Doden, although the success of the shots turned them into something more spectacular. The look create through the lights context almost makes the photograph seem futuristic, it is funky and twisted with various bright colour and shape seeming like an extremely advanced city.
The composition works perfectly, the background so bright yet out of focus makes it stand out without being overbearing to the main feature of the picture, the model and the fashion aspect being in perfect focus are what we are drawn to which works well to present the aim of the photograph. it would work well as a massive size, for example being used as a billboard or poster, I think the smaller it gets the more the different aspects of it will be taken over because they are not life size and there is so much to see in this picture, various parts may not seem clear or be noticed if it is too small. The picture seems real rather than an illusion, it reminds me of a future city, and although it is related more to night life that a bright summers day I notice that it is more in the medium rather than complete darkness like other series of work that Rochon has produced. Various skills are definitely involved, I think this photograph brings out part of the best light paintings Rochon has produced, we can easily see that he must have used a wide range of equipment to produce various light strokes, shapes and colours, for example, coloured filters, light stencils, laser pens, flashlights or spotlights and perhaps other lighting around the room to show a smoky colour effect. the colours contrast with the enitrely black outfit on the model, the colour creates a happy mood and a powerful statement of fashion being ferocious and competitive. I think Rochon chose the idea of a background like this to thrust forward the image of the model, her being surrounded light shows her as almost dictating presenting the finest fashion. No particular pattern is created but the shapes show what looks like an explosion, but colourful, also provokes a feeling of it being dangerous and looks as if it would burn and destroy, this works well with the idea of presenting fashion as 'amazing', it is as if there is something dangerous about it in a good way because of the positive colours. It could show her standing above the 'explosion'. The title works perfectly in supporting this because of supernova being associated with the temperature of the sun and being used to describe this shoot, interpreted as either the background colours representing the creative burst, or the idea of fashion being 'hot' nowadays. I would associate the shot as a mid-shot only revealing what needs to be seen with a necessary background, but also perhaps a portraiture in terms of the model being the main 'prop' used. She is presented as powerful, unbeatable, which definitely works positively to the fashion world. 
Other senses it evokes are that it has a sweet tasting look of it, the colours presenting this, it has a positive strong vibe to it rather than presenting something dark and negative. it gives off a good image to city/fashion related life. I really like this photograph because of the use of depth of field between the model and background, the out of focus background and sharpness of her. The image is amazing in terms of how it has been created and composed and the various forms of light and stages that must have gone to work to create the successful outcome. it doesn't remind me of anything other than the city modified, even so I had to use my imagination to picture what the background could present or stand for. The use of light in my opinion makes the clothes looks more interesting, without it all they would be plain black and their effect with light wouldn't be brought out much.

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