Friday, 13 January 2012

Portait Photographs.

Experimenting with studio lighting using the DSLR camera. we had 2 umbrellas with lights available, I experimented with changing them and my friends positioning with them.
Light on right side only, creating a shadow of her behind.
Landscape composition shows the background more showing the lighting created with this positioning of the lights.
Both lights on giving a softer effect, no harsh shadows more gentle and light.
Light on left side, turned away a little, creates a harsher and darker shadow because of less light.
Both lights again, gentle poses match their natural result.
Both lights turned away slightly, face looks darker and shadows more contrasted.
Light on the right, odd composition, half background space and half my friend, not much shadow created because of the light positioning, instead more bright on the wall and darker on the face.
Attempt of back lighting, silhouette desire didn't work although it gives it a more night time effect rather than a usual photo shoot like the softer lighted portraits earlier on.
Same lighting but a close up, not as effective because of the focus on the face isn't clear because of the darkness and it should when close up rather than showing anything in the background either.
Left light only on, bright beam seen on background reflection, darker the lower in the composition which I liked.
Tried an earlier pose again, this time the light was aimed more at her rather than turned away so more of a shadow was created which I liked because we can see different shades of light.
Below are the same photographs, edited in photo shop with contrast and brightness adjustments and converted to grey scale. I preferred this because it shows the lighting more effectively because of the the added contrast, it also looks more professional because of this, it brings out the effect of the studio lighting used. It especially works better for the back lighting photograph, the face looks more like a silhouette and the brightness added shines through around the shape more, making my aimed effect slightly more effective.

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