Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fashion Photography.

My chosen aspect, in existance since 1839, after the invention of fashionable dress but this was when photography to help advertise clothes for sales came about. Fashion can mean the clothing, make-up, accessories or anything that goes about to change or positively make-up style on men and women. The invention of half-tone printing helped promote the idea, in 1856 Adolphe Braun (French photographer of mainly floral life stills) published a book of 288 photographs of Virginia Oldoini, significant to he first showings of this photography. Below she is seen in a photograph taken by Pierre-Louise Pierson.
More contemporary uses of fashion photography can be seen on billboards, TV advertisements, catologues, magasines and shop posters. Often appearing in fashion magasines such as Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair.
Overtime, the photographs have relied a lot on back ground and props to tell a narrative relating to the themeor style of clothing, presenting it in various ways to help get it sold - which is the ultimate aim. The use of setting also helps promote the beauty which is more appealing to customers, something different and out of the ordinary with a 'beautiful' look to it such as fashion photographer Jason Christopher's use of the natural rural lifestyle when promoting this clothing which could be used in these conditions (below).

In my own attempt to portray fashion, I chose a gothic garment because I could make use of the graveyard nearby, also make-up to help narrate this, using a friend to model, below are my results -
 High angle, using props around to narrate the photograph, graveyard chosen because it fits with the extreme make-up that could be being advertised for fashion, also the black garment, both very gothic so scene suits well, model not focused on audience,below I tried it with her focused, worked better because it directly stares at the viewer daringly. Flowers being bright contrast with the darkness of the context but represent beauty to the fashion.
More portraiture below, but still shows off make-up, the contrast works well to create depth on the face making the make-up look stronger and better, more appealing.
 Gaze below shows off models eyes, the idea it can be worn anywhere with the graves in the background, involves nature with her natural colours and contrasts with darkness.
 Lighting was slightly too backlit, didn't give a flattering colour to the face which wouldn't be acceptable for fashion magasines ect.
 Lighting was better here, lit from the natural lighting on the front of the model, shows fresh skin and healthy looks which are required, also make-up.
 Involving the rose, a more appealing expression, more colour to contrast.
Extreme subject matter but different, gives a supernatural element and makes what would be being marketed stand out.
 Eyes closed, more of a magical kind of shot, shadowing wasn't great, too strong, lighting too bright because of weather, would have worked better with the lighting under the tree like the portraiture above.
Showing off more of the garment, element of freedom, sky adds colour and definition.
 Glance is fierce and gives power to femininity.
Pearing around the stone gives a sense of adventure, anything can be done in this garment and for women.
 Lighting was too bright, shadows too contrasted rather than showing off the skin and make-up clearly.
 COntrast works well, composition too random and unprofessional.
Attempted set-up, not kene on composition.
 Shows off the whole garment, and make up, light works well, graves narrates the gothic style.
My favourite shot below, perfect lighting, natural fresh looking skin with contrated make-up, glance works best.

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