Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Different Themes.

'Forgotten Beauty'
Sven Fennema.
Shows pattern in the architecture, also amazing light shines through creating a misty look which matches in theme of the glass, it looks quite ancient clearly a church and could be quite eerie and even magical, the filter on creates a dark effect but also quite relaxed, the greys bring out a shadowed effect and contrast well with the light, showing off the art work put into the window lines. I like it because of effects created by the light, the way it links with a religious perspective too, architectural with meaning and stands out more than a typical building photograph.
'Reine, Lofoten Islands, Norway'
Tommaso Renzi.
rare scene, interesting to look at creates a calm feeling, very still photograph, soft colours, not contrasting, quite dream like because of the unexpected scene, professionally taken, looks like a long exposure filmed because of the clouds that have been captured in different positions, same position used for camera, the texture is so still and smooth it looks unreal, paint like, captured and maybe smoothed, sky and sea are similar in colour which focuses us more on the mountains and their position on the water. I like the idea the photographer has put himself into a different position to take this and the amazing landscape that he achieved to present, the idea time and people don't exist springs to mind because this takes the 'normal' world away.
'Tobacco Harvesting'
Manuel Rivera-Oritz.
Documents harvesting, shows a whole families lifestyle/occupation within one photograph, composition can be quite random because it creates movement within the people because is capturing an even rather than 1 particular scene. We can see adults hard at work and children looking unmotivated and just free, stereotypically showing childhood. The black and white used shows a relation to older times of people less fortunate in different countries, background captured shows environment they live in and climate conditions, the photograph works to do this, i personally find documentary photographs of culture theme not s interesting to look at, I prefer the visual aspect of a photograph.
By Jason Christopher.
The photograph successfully shows the garment it is promoting, the narrative of nature being involved symbolises freedom, the idea that the clothes are suitable for anywhere, naturally make you look elegant and sophisticated, present power and value to the clothes, they wouldn't get destroyed easily in such a wild location. It also shows femininity as dominant, the low angle does this by creating a sense of towering and her confident glance goes well for advertising which is its purpose, it gives off a positive and aspirational image that women interested in fashion would want to live up to. I like it because of the simple yet affective composition, and nature used in the background, a darker background creates a sense that she has walked out of the darkness into somewhere more open and bright, digital photography most likely used, photoshop for editing, contrast, smoothness and airbrushing ect.
'Carpenter at his work Bench'
1858, William Henry Fox Talbot.
Victorian times not just theme or aimed to look like it, sepia affect commonly used in these times, processed by darkroom, could also fit into the figurative theme of subject matter, the idea of the solid viganette used frames it looking more traditional, frames that were more commonly used in the era. Clothing gives away the time, the idea of a work bench is less common now. I like the idea a relationship or narrative could be hidden within the photograph, Talbot often documented situations so perhaps the couple had argued, or experienced loss seen as this was a subject particularly photographed. Emotions are presented, the woman looks to the man and he looks out the window, presenting him looking or thinking about something outside of the framing.
Modern clothing gives it away, idea of capturing a moving image shows use of very fast shutter speed shows the use of technology, contemporary photographers would typically use a DSLR camera. very free narrative, running over a hill presenting new starts or adventure which would relate to the fact children have been used, trees show aspect of nature which shows lack of captivity and more of a rebellious approach. The framing isn't symmetrical but I like the idea of it being quite inaccurate because of the speed it creates, a single moment captured naturally rather than set up shoot, could fit with a documentary that is more story-like. Shows the direction of photography contemporary to us moves more towards this and the fashion aspect rather than plain landscapes. Also that editing (particularly contrast) is used.

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