Monday, 19 March 2012

Flower Photographs.

Using my digital camera these are photographs of various flowers that I took, alive and dead.
 Involves graves and flowers, life and death...
 Loads of various flowers types and colours, composition shows them all from a distance.
 Flowers fallen into the snow, winter combined with the colours of summer flowers.
 Close up of dying flower, focused on that only, detail captured well.
 Rose falling, out of focus background I like the colours.
 Windswept flowers, pale, soft colours, focus on them, greens create a natural look.
 Roses, I tried black and white to see what its effect would be, not my favourite compositional photograph and fairly dull.
 I liked the full looking composition and the rich reds in contrast with the white snow, using photoshop I kept only the roses ad inversed the colours for the background to be black and white only after selecting the flowers.
 My favourite, left its colours as they were, I like the water droplets from the snow on the flowers and the flash helped bring out more brighter reds/pinks.
 Sinking roses, I liked just them in colour.
 I like the colours and composition of this.
Alive rose caught in burnt building rubble...
I decided to take more photographs of the same roses I'd seen again at a later time and at different weather conditions, showing their different appearances in their life.

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