Thursday, 8 December 2011

Light Doodle Website, Experimenting on the Macs With Light Resources.

These photographs were created in class as an experiment with the website Light Doodle, because of the extra light from around the class and through window gaps, it wasn't as effective on here as it would have been if I had used a laser pen/torch or anything with a light source to draw with. Using my mobile phone, CD's and even my own teeth I attempted to draw with the light because the website automatically adjusts the computers camera to only capture light and because of its extremely slow speed it aloows us to draw without our light marks disappearing. Slow capturing leaves the light shapes that are made and leaving the colours so I can draw what I like with light.
Created with the light reflection from a diamond ring and the light on my face, this reminds me of a sci-fi genre character, and although it is low quality like the rest of the photographs on here, I would like the effect if it was more clear, which is hard to obtain because of the drawing with the ring will involve my movement, resulting in bluriness of the face. Same colours of light created because of the diamonds single colour.
Created whilst my phones keys and screen back lights were still on, turning it around and moving it to fill up the spaces in the screen, various colours created, I quite liked this one.
Quite runnish in my opinion, attempted to write 'hello' with a ring, but I don't like how the background of the class is visible because of too much light, my hidden face adds mystery though.
No effect aimed for inparticular, random swirling and movement of my phone, light reflections created various colours and a sort of rollercoaster ride effect in the 'roads'.
First attempt at using the CD after seeing the multi-coloured effects my friends got, tried to gain just the shape but the turning of it resulting in a multi-coloured light reflecting path.
Bright light created from the random movement of CD's, my favourite part here is my white alienated eye in the bottom, looking creepy and unatural.
No light sources used, just the movement of my face capturing the movement and light off of my teeth.
CD used at a further distance, this photo shows nothing clear, but an interesting square patterned effect created from my friends phone I used.

Overall I didn't really liek using this because of the lack of skill and quality it involved and because of not having access to my own webcam I couldn't improve on this with new attempts of my own in a darker place.

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